Photography By Joy | Newborn Sessions

Newborn Session Information

CONGRATULATIONS on your new arrival.

Commonly asked questions reagard a newborn session:

1. When should I book my newborn session?
The sooner the better! There is no “too early” for booking, but I do unfortunately run into “too late.” Newborn sessions fill up a couple of months in advance for the most part, and the best way to secure a priority session date is to book early.

2. When should the session take place?
Newborn sessions should take place during the first two weeks after delivery, preferably between 7 and 10 days. This is a good time frame for those sweet sleepy photos, as the babies tend to sleep for good amounts of time during the first couple of weeks.

3. Where does the session occur?
At my home studio.  I will have space heater on hand and warming up the room prior to your arrival; babies will sleep better when they are warm.  I will have plenty of ambient noise going, otherwise the click of a camera is loud.   Mom/Dad will need to be on-hand for feedings and potty mishaps

4. I am pregnant how do I secure a date and time?
Once you book a session with me, I put your due date into my calendar. I do allot different session times around your due date. After delivery, call/email/text me as soon as possible  to firm up date and time. Remember, the sooner you can let me know your little one has arrived, the better.

5. How long does the session last?
I never rush newborn sessions and always take breaks for feedings, cuddling and soothing. A session could last anywhere from one to three hours, depending on the baby.

6. Do you use props/headbands/blankets/baskets?
Sure do! You do not need to provide anything for the session, unless there are specific items you want included (special blankets, headbands or hats)

7. What do we wear?
Newborns look best in their birthday suit, so no need for wardrobe changes here. I do love a long sleeved white or cream onesie for family photos. I often use dads arms as “props,” and for those shots white or black t-shirts work really well. If you are planning to be photographed with your baby, neutral tones photograph beautifully.( Browns, beiges, creams...)

8. What about photos with siblings?
I will try my best to accommodate all requests for special shots with siblings.

9. How do we prepare for the session?
There are a few ways to help in preparing for a smooth session.

  1. About half an hour before you arrive, undress the baby down to a loose fitting diaper and wrap him/her in a cozy swaddling blanket. This helps to diminish any elastic marks from the skin.
  2. If you can keep baby awake before arrival, great! That helps in getting them to sleep during the session. If not, please do not worry.
  3. If baby is still awake when you arrive, I will ask that you give a good solid feeding while we get set up. Even if the baby ate recently, a little snack and some snuggling can help to get them nice sleepy.

10. What if I have more questions?
Please contact me (call, email or text) with any questions you might have, I am always happy to answer them.


Studio Newborn Session Pricing (2-3 hr session) ~ $150
* Includes up to 5 low resolution images for social media download
* Includes images in a personal gallery within 14 days from you session
* Includes custom editing of each image
Each newborn session is approximately 2-3 hrs in length to accommodate feedings, diaper changes, etc.
* $50 deposit is required to hold your due date on my calendar,deposit is non-refundable and due within 14 days
- deposit is applied to your session fee, remainder of session fee is due at the time of your session